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Personal Branding Insight with Poppy, Organised Interiors

One of the most popular times my clients need new brand images is when they are embarking on a rebrand for their business, and it really is the perfect time to invest in a personal branding shoot. Having a set of polished images to launch your new brand will provide an even greater impact with your new branding and create a professional and consistent look across your marketing.

Poppy runs Organised Interiors and contacted me at the end of last summer to overhaul her brand images as part of rebranding her successful organising business. With new branding designs and a fresh website underway, Poppy needed a collection of professional images to launch the new brand and provide a bank of images for her social media and marketing communications going forward.

Poppy's shoot took place at a light and airy cottage just outside of Bristol, where we captured a wide range of images for her new brand - from lifestyle images to showcase Poppy's services to natural headshots and styled brand images.

Here’s an insight into Poppy's brand photography experience along with a selection of light and bright images from the shoot!

Tell us about your business 

I run Organised Interiors which provides a friendly, bespoke, professional organising and decluttering service, based in Bristol. We specialise in home moves, with our signature unpacking service that allows people to move house without having to pack or unpack a single box!

We work with clients to find a solution that works for them as individuals by understanding their lifestyle, preferences and vision. The personalised approach we take gives long-term benefits that go far beyond an organised space.

What were your main reasons to invest in a branding shoot? 

I'd decided to have a complete overhaul of my branding by changing the name, logo and colour palette, whilst also redefining our services. Some of our services fall into the 'luxury' end of the market and with organisation and interiors being very visual, it was really important that we communicated our approach to potential clients.

What advice/tips would you give to other businesses planning a branding shoot?  

Call Ellie! This was my first ever brand shoot and whilst I'd done my research online before reaching out to any photographers, I still felt very unsure as to what a branding shoot would be like from start to finish. Ellie took the time to talk through every detail of the process and worked closely with me in the lead up to the shoot so that everything was organised in advance and any doubts or concerns I had disappeared.

If you're planning your first shoot, get in touch with Ellie early on because she will guide you through the process calmly and ensure it's enjoyable. She's so friendly and if you're dreading being in front of a camera, she's the person to put you at ease!

Please tell us about your shoot - the location, style of images etc  

The location of the shoot was in a light, bright, minimalist cottage. I wanted the images to look light, aspirational and to communicate our personable approach, with attention to detail.

How has your branding shoot benefited your business?  

Having these photos for the launch of the new brand was key to people understanding how we'd grown as a business and where we were placing ourselves in the market. What Ellie captures so well is the personality of anyone in the photos, as well as the personality of the brand itself. A picture really does say a thousand words and as Ellie did such an incredible job, I now have a set of images that I can use across multiple platforms that are professional and give potential clients confidence in our work - that's the biggest benefit of all.

Thank you to Poppy for contributing to this insightful feature and for this lovely review!

" I hired Ellie to do my brand shoot for my new business and she was phenomenal from the start! Ellie spent time with me planning the shoot and assisting in finding a suitable location and on the day did such a great job of removing any nervousness or awkwardness. The final photos are just what I was hoping for. Thank you Ellie! "

To find out more about Poppy and her fabulous organising business, visit Organised Interiors

If you're anything like me then you'll know how much a good organise can help you be more productive and feel on top of things, in your business and at home, but it can just be so difficult to find the time! So If you're looking for a helping hand - Poppy is your lady! Take a look at Organised Interiors for all your sorting and organising needs - from home moves, wardrobe and kitchen organising to decluttering and bespoke projects


Looking for professional, light and stylish images for your brand?

My carefully planned personal branding shoots are so much more than just capturing your headshots - it's a completely tailored experienced for your brand designed to equip you with a full collection of imagery to boost your marketing with powerful visuals that clients can instantly connect with.

I'd love to work with you and find out more about your business - say hello and let's chat about how we can take your business to the next level with light and bright brand images!

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